Tuesday, April 9, 2013

12 LDS Apps for Kids


12 LDS Apps for Kids at ldslane.com



1. LDS Coloring Book

Android - iPad

FREE version or $4.99 Deluxe


2. The Coat

"The Coat" is a children's story that depicts a young boy giving selflessly to another child in need.




3. LDS Children’s Songbook

Have you ever wanted to have the Children's Songbook of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with you at all times - both the words and sheet music? For the first time on the iPhone and iPod touch, you can! The Children's Songbook application features PDF versions of the Primary songs of the Church. The application is designed to be simple, organized, and easy to use. You can search songs by name or number, access songs by theme, and select your favorite songs for quick access later!




4. LDS FacematchiPad

A simple way to familiarize and recognize past and current General Authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Excellent for primary age children and parents. An aid to enhance your facial recognition skills. This is also a good tool for individuals who want to know who the past and present leaders of the church are.



5. Mormon Channel

The Mormon Channel is the media channel for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which offers uplifting programming from the archives of the Church as well as original series. This application offers 24-hour radio, music, and Spanish streams, with content available on demand such as Mormon Messages, as well as audio recordings of the scriptures and Church magazines.




6. LDS Children’s Sing-Along

Sing along to the LDS Children’s Songbook with your Android or iPad! LDS Children’s Sing-Along is a delightfully fun way for you and your family to learn the music and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


FREE Version or $4.99 Deluxe


7. eTrail to Eagle

You can use this application to manage rank and merit badge information for all of your scouts. You also have quick and easy access to your troop address book to quickly contact anyone in the troop.



8. Child Scripture Stories 

The LDS Children Scripture Stories and Movies are now available on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch).
All profits are donated to the missionary fund!


Android FREE, iPad $2.99


9. LDS Hangman

This is the traditional Hangman game featuring people, places, and things from the LDS Church. Great fun for the whole family.

Includes easy, medium, and hard levels.




10. LDS Building Blocks

Gain points as you stock gospel principles on top of each other without knocking the entire stock over. Practice and a good sense of balance will allow you to reach the highest levels. Fun for the whole family as you try and beat each others high score.




11. Book of Mormon Stories HD

Bring Book of Mormon stories to life by allowing YOUR CHILD TO STAR alongside Alma, Ammon, and Nephi in your own CARTOONS!

$3.99  iPad


12. Color It! LDS

Color It is a simple coloring-in app for kids, designed specifically to keep kids quietly occupied when you need it the most - on Sundays!

Color It has the following features:
- Multi-color palette
- Extremely simple to use
- Christian themed artwork
- No sound whatsoever

Android FREE


Do you have a favorite LDS app for kids that is not on this list? Please share.


The Casida Family- Todd, Jen, Nathan, Trevor and Madison said...

Book of Mormon Heroes and LDS Gamebox

Jaimie said...

We love "Book of Mormon Heroes". My kids never get tired of it.

Jennifer said...

Here is another really great children's LDS app for Android and Kindle (soon to be released for IOS). It is called "This is Catherine" it is an interactive true pioneer story. My kids love poking the characters and things on the pages and seeing them react or talk. There is also a really cute squirrel they enjoy finding.

Kestrel said...

LDS Temple Match! It's free, and it's fantastic. It's a memory game of temples and you can set it to easy, medium, or hard. My five year old LOVES it.

Rachel said...

LDS word search for older kids is a great app

Andrew said...

My kids love the illistrated stories from the Book of Mormon. They are the old blue books that have been turned into ebooks. My kids will sit and eat breakfast and listen as it reads them the stories of the Book of Mormon. They are not apps but they are available in the iBookstore. Check them out.


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

My grandchildren love Heroes of the Book of Mormon on my iPhone. Coloring pages, puzzles, and matching games. I think it was $1.99. I watched in amazement as my then 4-year-old grandson sat quietly playing for 45 minutes while we waited for a plane!

havensmama said...

Here is a great kids app to play for General Conference!!


Robyn said...

My kids like Book Of Mormon Touch

Anonymous said...

LDS Jigsaw. I love it! And so do my kids.

Anonymous said...

Mormon Match

My kids love this matching game.

Laurie Nguyen said...

Temple Puzzle.

It's a free app which makes puzzles from Temple pictures or from a picture on your phone. You simply select the picture and the puzzle size and play. It's a lot of fun!

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